Behind the Lens

Hello friends!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself, I'm Tanya and I am the owner of TD Imagery.

I have been taking pictures as long as I can remember. From snapping pictures on 35 mm camera and waiting anxiously for them to be developed. Fast forward 30+ years where I have taken a hobby that I'm passionate about and turned it into a career.

Throughout my life I have always believed in continuing my education and photography is no different. I have took it upon myself to take several photography courses, purchased professional equipment, and sought out guidance and mentor ship from other photographers, because I want to provide the best images for you, my clients.

My favorite part about being a photographer is getting acquainted with my clients, and learning about their stories.

I feel honored to be apart of their special moments. Taking pictures allows me to show you how beautiful you are.

please take a moment and see the world through my lenses.